Top Five – Value For Money Phones

27 Nov

Here  Are, Well In my mind, the top ten value for money phones

1.Samsung Genio Slide – £100 (Pay as you go)Best Value Phone Ever!

Exceptional Phone; thats why I have one. Wi-fi,Bluetooth,3G,.Accelerometer,Printing cababilties,3.2 megapixel camera. Oh, and a sliding out keyboard!  And a lot, lot, more!

2.LG Cookie – £50 (Pay as you go)

Ok, you might think you wont be getting much for £50, but with all major phone features: Camera, Bluetooth, Radio and a decent touchscreen, this phone is great for people who want a touchscreen that doesnt take hours to set up.

3.LG Pop – £79 (Pay as you go)

As seen above, this a a standard touchscreen made by LG. This phone is extremely small, but the screen is stretched nearly to the edges of the phone. The phone is also eco-friendly, compatible with an LG solar battery (Sold Separatly) and has various eco-friendly power saving settings.

4.LG Ks360 – £50 (Pay as you go)

Ok, you may be thinking that I like LG’s now, but mainly i dont. This is an alternative to the Cookie; same  price, but this has a keyboard instead of a full touchscreen. I say full because this does have a large touchscreen, but can only be used for keying in numbers. The Ks360 Tribe, has a full touchscreen, but is more expensive.

5. Nokia 5230 – £85 (Pay as you go

This phone is a newie and is only on this list because of its rich Symbian™ OS. This includes the fantastic rip-off called the Ovi Store. (Though doodle jump is quite good)


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