The Snow: The Real Story

2 Dec

Here in good old England we have been experiencing heavy snow for allmost a week.While this may seem good for a while,it isnt how it seems.A lot of kids are off school so many snowballs fights are happening across our streets.A few days ago I had a snowball fight and came out of it with nearly a black eye! Also,because roads are blocked with snow,supplies for supermarket are running thin so always remember:
-Never have too much food im supply,you never know what might happen
-Have an emergency kit in your car
-Have FUN!!!

Have An AMAZING Christmas from Mattisamazing



One Response to “The Snow: The Real Story”

  1. Matt December 3, 2010 at 8:13 pm #

    Aagrh! i hope that photo of me doesnt show up on google images!

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