Top 8 – IOS Apps

6 Jan

I say IOS because these apps will work on an iphone, ipod touch and probably an ipad:

  1. Angry Birds – Take to the skys as you try to win the war against the pigs!
  2. Infinity Blade – Fable-Type game and one of the best RPG’s EVVVEEERRRR!!!
  3. Doodle Jump – The Game that never ends… My high score is 65000
  4. Fruit Ninja – Amazing game were you basically… well, erm… YOU SLICE FRUIT!!!
  5. Cut the rope – EPIC game were you have to slice ropes to feed a little gremlin
  6. Boost – Hours and years of Motion-sensing with this great racing cross missile-game app
  7. Real Racing – Has to be this far down because COME ON, its just a driving game (A Really Really Really good one though)
  8. Call Of Duty Zombies – If youve ever played the console version, you NEED this.

And thats the top 8 IOS apps


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