Matts Amazing Feed: What’s Up Peepz!!!

15 Jan

hi all! got some stuff for all you amazing peoples out there; sorry no nike ID of the week this week had some tech issues, pokemon black and white comin out on march 4th. got a dillema though, which one to get? if anyone no’s a valid advantage please tell me. theres a wifi event for all generation IV (diamond,pearl,platinum,heartgold,soulsilver) games thru febuary, where you can get a shiny suicune,entei and raikou. trading these to black or white will unlock the legendary Zoroark. go to for more info.
please comment on this post if you have questions about ANYTHING! (commenting helps me gain the ranks on google. on web search im behind somebodys myspace/twitter/youtube and on images im behind matt balara! come ON!!! his pictures arent even funny!


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