What A Day…

25 Feb

You Probably (and hopefully) dont know this, but i have a passion for paper aeroplanes. For xmas 2009, i got a paper airplane -a-day calendar (slightly untrue, you only made one on the weekends.) and i spent 6 days a week making the plane of the day. Now heres a few pics of their send-off.

Setting Them Out

Getting a bit windy...

There you go… All 312 of them!

But now you may be wondering… what did we do with them afterwards? Well, a year of folding, sticking and papercuts is not going in the bin, oh no, its gonna BURN!!!!

Burn, Baby, Burn!



Months of hard work turned into ash


That Was WELL Worth It!!!





And to remind me of this day, I kept my prised green-fade concorde as a memento.
That was AMAZING!!!!



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