How To Bypass School/Work Game Filters

7 May

Using the weebly platform, I managed to make a free, customisable games site to use at school. Here are the steps:

1. Make a free Account at

2. Make a website. Give it a non-suspicious name such as “Bluebird” or “ninjachicken”. Some filters block certain words so don’t call it “gamesfreeonline!!!”

3. Make sure you put the category to personal, otherwise you might get asked questions if you have a lot of traffic.

4. You can make up to 2 sites on a free weebly account, consider supporting weebly and buying a pro account if you enjoy the service.

5. Once you have set your site up, it will go to the editing screen, just click publish, and click for a free weebly domain. Give it the URL you want people to type. Click “Publish”.

6.There you go! The domain is online! Click the link afterwards and you will have a blank website!!

7. Now to put a game on, you need to get the .swf (Flash) file for that game. If you make your own games, you will know what this file is. If you want to put on a game that is allready made, you need to get the flash file for it. has a few copyright-free games, but you can get any game as long as you have a .swf file.

8. Once you have the .swf file, go to the top bar in edit mode on weebly and click “Multimedia” and click “Flash” It will ask you to upload a file. Upload your .swf file, and place it in the space you want on the site. Then click “Publish”. Now test it!

9. That should be it! If it doesn’t work, try a different game, and make sure you have the latest flash. It might not always work at school/work, they might need a flash update.

10. If your site becomes blocked/filtered, delete the site and make a new one so you don’t break the site limit. If your account gets banned, just make a new one with a fake email????

Hope this helps, i made 2 sites that prove this concept: and


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