Hi Guys

7 Jul

Hey guys, noticed the blog has been slow the last couple of weeks, just thought i’d fill you in on what I’m spending my time on:

  • I am currently making a metropolis (a really really really big city) on MCEdit for Minecraft. Might release it as a server world one day……
  • I made a cold war rap for a science project on Final Cut and Fruityloops. The video is here: http://youtu.be/RpIiMARVWfQ
  • My proper website isamazing.co.uk has had a ton of images made on Photoshop, and I’ve been coding the theme from scratch
  • My deviantART has had a ton of new images put on it aswell, which takes time
  • And ontop of all of this, I’ve had about 10 exams and I’m trying to learn French now aswell.

So reading all of this, you might understand why I haven’t been blogging very much and also why I have been pretty much absent from the TeamExtremeMC server, sorry guys, I just don’t have the time always….


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