Hey Peepz!

17 Jul

My new site isamazing.co.uk is really starting to come together, the online store is nearly finished! I’ve taken a break from my Minecrafting and stuff to read a book I recommend to you all, The Hunger Games! It’s an amazing book and if you’ve seen the film you will enjoy it even more! That  being said, if you haven’t seen it and are thinking of getting the book make sure you get the book first!

My next thing on my agenda is my sketchs I’ve been doing on deviantART. You may have noticed some shoes and even a picture of a Lamborghini. I am saying now that I HAVE DRAWN THESE WITH A PENCIL. THESE ARE DIGITAL SKETCHES I HAVE DONE ON PHOTOSHOP!!! Now thats out the way, feel free to post your own sketches in the comments below!


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