Schools Out!!

20 Jul

Hey peeps, if you’re here in good old blighty (thats the uk) you will know that we finish school today!! This means I’ll be able to do tons of stuff, like obviously blogging and finishing my website (the store is up and running now!) Might read a bit, play some Minecraft and code on VBScript. The problem is the crap weather in England, if it isn’t raining then the grounds to wet to do anything fun. But if the weather picks up I might go riding my bike/scooter a bit or go to the skate park.

But, what I really wanted to talk about was our final product in woodwork at school. Basically, we finish our GCSE subjects 2 weeks before the end of school and try our new subjects in this period until the end of school. On our last day of woodwork, a group of us decided to make a small kicker ramp in a day out of scrap wood, and I have to say it turned out good! The chipboard has cracked a bit but if the weather is ok tommorow we should be re-surfacing it! Picture:

May Have Too Much Glitter………….

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