Why Nintendo kill off there own products

17 Aug

The Wii, a revolutionary motion console that was the first of its kind. The DS, the first touch screen console with Wifi and two screens! When these came out, they completely annihilated their respective markets. But the DS and the DS Lite have practically been shunned and new games for the Wii are becoming fewer, many people are realising the many things that Nintendo has done wrong.

Ok, take one example. The PS2, released in 2000 still has a few games being released for it every year. That means it has been out for an incredible 12 years! The Wii on the other hand, has been out since 2005 making it 7 years old. When the PS2 was seven years old, it still had full production on a lot of games and people were still developing for it. The Wii, in it’s current state, has just had a bunch of colour bundles and hasn’t had a decent game in over two years!

The reasons for the Wii decking are as follows. 1. The incredibly low amount of internal memory – one of the reasons third-party developers were turned away from the Wii was because it has such a low amount of internal memory, only 512MB, which compared to the bog-standard Xbox 360’s 4GB is a bit of a joke. Number 2 on the list is the lack of a decent online service. The WFC was ok for MarioKart Wii, and I think that’s what most people only used it for. The Wii shopping channel lacked somewhat in updates and content compared to the Xbox Live marketplace of the PSN store. WiiWare and Virtual Console content was overpriced, and there were never really any special offers on the shop channel either.

And on the note about the online services, is the rubbish friends system. You can’t tell what they are playing, you can’t do voice calls (even with that rubbish Wii Speak you probably bought) and you can’t invite to games, so what’s the actual point besides just sending photos? Which you can’t even out back onto an SD card? Grrrrrrrr……..

And finally (trying not to get carried away) is this whole channels scenario. There are so many channel slots, and when you bought the Wii they promised loads of third-party content channels, many said there would be Google channels and Facebook channels and stuff like that, BUT THERE WASN’T. Admittedly, there were a few channels, including a horoscope channel, a BBC iPlayer channel (UK only) and a Netflix channel (US only). The only other thing to fill up your measly memory was those WiiWare titles, which are pretty rubbish.

So anyways, that’s my rant over. Many people might hope that Nintendo will read this but they won’t because we asked for many of these features in a firmware update about a year ago. Oh well, let’s hope they change their ways with the Wii U!


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