So What Do You Think Of iOS6?

20 Sep

So, yesterday at 6pm UK time iOS6 was released by apple. I waited half an hour for it to download and install on my third-generation iPad, quite quick compared to many others. Many during the hour of release suffered very long download times, and a handful of people I know have had there iTunes/iPhones wiped and restored by the new update. But anyways, I was lucky and it worked fine.

Now lets get down to the features. First is the Siri update. Many will be happy to know that Siri has been to added to the new iPad, and to some extent it works the same as its 4S counterpart. One thing on the iPad that has changed however is how it looks. Siri now appears as a speech bubble from the bottom or side of the screen (portrait or landscape orientations respectively). It looks nicer, and is a lot less buggy than the Jailbreak version that gets you Siri on any iOS device (I recommend it if you have an iPhone 4, iPod touch 4th gen or iPad 2, older devices are quite slow) I am unimpressed with Siri however though, it’s voice recognition is terrible and it lacks features such as checking stocks ect. Even though it is pretty cool controlling your device with speech, it’s still ALOT quicker just tapping it.

Next on my agenda is the Google scenario. As you might know, Google and Apple have fallen out and Apple has removed all built in Google software. This includes the YouTube app. A standalone app was released in the App Store a few weeks before but only for the iPhone, no iPad optimisation. And what everybody’s talking about right now, the new Apple maps. The ‘Fantastic’ features for this app were 3D buildings and sat nav built in. Now I must say, the 3D buildings did look pretty cool, and they said a lot of major cities would be supported. So when I loaded it up and looked for London, one of the largest cities in the world, IT WASN’T SUPPORTED. And the Siri support for the maps is terrible as well, many companies, POI and even roads are mislabeled or missing in these maps!

And other, smaller, features included the new Passbook, which looks absolutely rubbish and probably will be dropped in the next update. So, here’s a message to Apple; this update wasn’t as big as iOS5, and for the next update add a button to kill all multitasking processes!


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