Shoe Companies are clever……..or just kinda unoriginal?

21 Sep

As you might know, the current trend for a lot of shoes is to have a vintage-feel about them, coinciding with the rise of hipsters who practically eat up stuff like that. Anyways, a few months ago I bought some Nike Blazers online. They came with the ‘updated’ vintage sole with orange flecks in it and a pre-ripped tongue to look old (kinda ironic that these are sold as updated). The were purple, and were kinda hard to find. But I found a small shop online and I got a really good deal, about £20 off the RRP. Here they are:  Now these are quite rare, and I want to say a big thankyou to PilotNetclothing as they are a great place to get vintage trainers/clothing! But anyways, when I got these shoes, it reminded me of a time about a year back.

I was looking for some running shoes, I needed some because I had outgrown mine. I was pretty much set on Nikes as I then and still think they make the best running shoes in the world. Air max’s were out of the question, with them £100+ a pop. Nike Free were relatively new and I didn’t know that much about shoes then. So I was searching on the JD Sports website and I found a pair for £30, Mens size full price. I honestly thought at the time WTF HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN. They were called ‘Nike Waffle Racer Vintage’ and were only £30, quite a limited edition colour and exclusive to JD. But in the end I decided not to get them as they had suede on them and instead got a pair of Air-maxesque Nikes from Sports Direct, which I still have, they were superb quality. Below is a picture of the ‘vintage’ Nikes that I saw in JD. Now, fast forward to 2012, and

  vintage shoes are all the rage. These ‘waffle racers’ have now been dubbed the Nike Elite and guess what? They have gone up from the thirty pounds when I saw them to a lovely £50+. It just shows how fashion and demand can make a product almost double its price. Oh well, can’t look in hindsight. Guess Nike has just pulled an extra 20 out of me……….


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