Mi PAC, possibly the coolest bags ever

23 Sep

You might have seen them around town, on the bus or at school, but a new British company called Mi PAC are sweeping the nation with their range of amazing backpacks. Priced at a great price of £20, they are available in over 40 different varieties! 20120923-201909.jpgThey’re all practically a skate sized bag with a faux suede bottom and handle, with two large pockets. Take a look a few to the right, they are available in 4 main varieties;

Standand – Just plain block colours, think there’s about twelve to choose from.

Two-tone – Block colour with a different coloured front pocket. Sometimes it might also have stripes or Aztec patterns.

Country– Standard colour with a wide variety of countries flags on the front pouch.

Nordic– Standard Bag with a fairisle pattern across it.

So yeah, they per pretty cool! You can get them from a wide range of skate shops and many mainstream fashion shops such as BANK. Also check out their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/MiPacBags. See ya!


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