FIFA 13 – It’s Officialy Out!

28 Sep

So, FIFA 13 has been released to the rest of the world who didn’t preorder it today. I was one of the lucky ones to get it a day before it came out, but still didn’t have to pay £20 for an EA season ticket! I get 24 Gold Ultimate Team packs as part of the pre-order ‘Ultimate Edition’ special.

Now down to how the game plays. Admittedly this is my first proper FIFA (I think FIFA 98 on the PS1 when I was 5 doesn’t count :P) but I read up on it a little bit before I got it and I had a vague understanding on what Ultimate Team and Pro Clubs were. After my terrible Bronze starter pack (mainly consisting of K-League and Saudi League players) I went unknowingly straight against the ‘Team of the Week’ and lost a terrible 3-1 defeat. Oh Well…

So, if you want to get FIFA 13, make sure you do! It’s roughly half the price from what is was for pre-orders so theres no excuse! Oh yeah and also my UT is called ‘Matt is Amazing’ SUPER ORIGINAL!!!!!


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