Do You Reckon Skaters Get Angry?

12 Oct

I was just sitting shopping online for some new shoes and I realised how Vans have disappeared from many mainstream shoe shops. And I was just thinking, Vans, and brands like Supreme are becoming quite mainstream now, or at least they’re in the public know-how. But Vans have started to decline after the massive boom from hypebeasts and the like. Many are now moving to similair skating shoes or classic shoes such as Jordan’s or Air Max’s, oh dear god….

But anyways, I’m thinking that skaters might get a little annoyed by this. Say imagine that hundreds of people just moved to Christianity, for the sole reason of following the croud and seeing it on Tumblr. Everyone is blogging about Christianity and although you kinda enjoy it because everyone else is liking the same things as you you’re kinda annoyed because everyone is acting like they discovered it, when actually you’ve been following it the whole time. Then when some other hype comes out, everybody leaves your religion and goes to a different one. I imagine skaters feel kinda the same. Whenever you’re on a forum they will refer to these kind of people as ‘hypebeasts’ or ‘hypefags’. Guess people should just stick to what they know best…..




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