Matt’s Adventures in Brighton

28 Oct

So yeah, when my mum said that she’d booked a holiday to go to Brighton, I thought in my head; “Oh, it’s gonna be another one of those rainy, grey skyed holidays where we walk around farms and look at antique shops next to a pier” And although I was kinda right about the weather, I couldn’t have been more wrong about Brighton!


So, my assumption of Brighton to start off with was a slightly hyped Scarborough with a pier, hmmm sounds fun huh? So after we parked it was quite a long walk down to where the action was happening. The walk was quite cool, they have a train line running parallel to the beach and there were public ping-pong tables with free paddles and balls! Now it seemed a bit more interesting. We walked past a Ferris Wheel dubbed ‘The Brighton Eye’. So yeah, thats when we entered the town. Now it was becoming more of a mainstream city like Sheffield or Manchester, we saw an All Saints and a Jack Wills. We walked also past this bit called ‘The Jewelry  Lanes’, with Rolex shops and fancy cafes everywhere!So,  we’re walking down this long street when we see a group of students clad in camo jackets and Vans (Basically a ‘hipster mob’) outside this shop called ‘Choccywoccydoodahs’. And honestly I cannot describe this shop with mere words, so here’s a picture.

We didn’t go in, but later in our holiday we would find out about this shop, find out more later. So we made our way past alot of exclusive boutiques. One shop right up my street was called ‘Offspring’ and stocked a range of rare and exclusive shoes such as Air Max’s and Jordans. We stopped at a Krispy Kreme outlet and had a fantastic donut, then walked further into town. There were sweet shops, toy shops, music shops, everything you could think of, alot of little shops aswell you were less likely to see in a normal city. After that we entered a large shopping centre, did a bit of shopping from one of my favorite brands ‘Hollister’, and of course had to check in at the Apple store, come on, even people with iPad’s still love to try the ones in the store’s!

So, after that we hit the world-famous ‘Lanes’ where pretty much anything goes. Endless shops for antiques, goths, nerds, hipsters, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. In the Lanes we saw one shop which sold new songs on vinyls and another that sold murder shower curtains (basically had fake blood stains on them). I could go on and on and on about the lanes, but I won’t, since I might as well describe a dictionary, you just can’t! After that we wandered around some high-level shops (Well in my opinion anyways) like Size?. I got two free Lookbook magazines on my break to Brighton, a Route 1 and a new one Vans is giving away in it’s stores, it’s collectible so grab them quick! After my complete shopping pilgrimage we hit the pier, grabbed a bunch of deck chairs (which were free by the way, that’s how cool Brighton is) and sat and reviewed what we had bought (It’s quite dark in Hollister so you have to check the colours after) There were a few rides on the pier also, but most were closed for the season.

Brighton Pier

So my dad decided we walked back, and drove to this other side of Brighton called the ‘Marina’. So we did (which meant an agonisingly long walk) and we drove to the ‘Marina’. So yeah, loads of boats, restraunts and cafes. We had lunch (At this time about 5PM, those donuts were huge) overlooking the sea, a lovely Wetherspoons was there and I had my usual, a chicken burger, chips and a Monster. And yeah, that was a pretty awesome end to an awesome day.


The rest of the week we went on the beach near us, ate chinese, swam, went to the gym, and just generally chilled out. Then a few days later we were just sitting around in the afternoon and decided to go to Brighton, just for the afternoon. So the same process happened again, fortunately we parked a bit closer this time and we were in town fairly quickly. After a quick Fish & Chips we went on a search for a cake and coffee shop, and guess where we went? Choccywoccydoodah’s own cafe! It was mad inside, with cobwebs everywhere and other halloween decorations. I had a huge slice of chocolate truffle cake and a peanut butter smoothie that day, I doubt I’ll ever say that again!

So, all in all, If you’re thinking about going to Brighton, don’t hesitate. Seriously. There is no way to describe Brighton besides just pure amazing……


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