New Video! – Matt Plays Skate 3 #1

24 Nov

Hey guys, I play alot of Skate 3 on PS3, enough to say I actually own at it. I realised a few weeks ago how easy it is to make Skate 3 videos, there’s a built-in editor and you can upload it to a web app and download it to your computer! Now enough said, I’ve made my first video! Also here you will see my snazzy custom thumbnail (For some reason YouTube has granted me Partner status?) Also hope you like the song, it’s called ‘Astro’ and it’s by Mellowhype & Frank Ocean, please buy it so SME don’t sue my ass! Included in this video is a quad kickflip, slo-mo shuvits, tons of fails, jumping the shark, and oh yeah, a skateboarding steak. Enjoy!


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