Raspberry Pi – Possibly the best invention ever

26 Jan

Recently I came upon a new computer being the developed, the Raspberry Pi. This revolutionary little computer was designed for education, to learn kids how to program. The great thing about it it was as big as a credit card, had HD graphics and an had pretty much every port a conventional PC has (probably more). Oh, and did I  say it was only £25? YES, I SAID IT. This computer is literally only £25 pounds. Take a look at it below.



Yes, you may be thinking ‘WTF IS THAT, THAT ISN’T A COMPUTER’ but in actual fact it is. Below are the specs:

  • 2 USB Ports
  • 512MB RAM (Which is plenty enough for such a small computer)
  • HDMI port
  • LAN (Ethernet) port
  • RCA Video Port (Lets you connect it to an old analogue TV)
  • 3.5mm Jack
  • 700MHz Processor

And thats that. You can plug it in using a micro-USB (basically a phone charger) and it turns on as soon as it gets power, and turns off as soon as it doesn’t. It doesn’t need a hard drive, just pop in an SD card pre-loaded with an appropriate operating system (I think they reccommend Raspbian, a mod of Debian). You can use all manner of periperhals through a USB hub, such as mouses, keyboards ect. Take a look at the photo below


The possibilites are endless with this computer. Here’s a few:

  • Since it has HD graphics, you could add a USB Wi-Fi adapter and use it as a media server
  • You could connect it to the worst TV in your house, any old box TV will work, and use LAN or Wi-Fi to get catch-up TV ect
  • You could connect it to a mini-screen/keyboard set up, make a charger with some AA batteries and you have a portable computer!
  • You could use a Wi-Fi adapter and a solar panel and create a solar server! The possibilities are endless!

So yeah, I’m pretty psyched about getting one of these. If you’re from the UK you can order one here 

And don’t forget the basics: a case (they look snazzy, but you can cut up an old tin or make one with Lego), a keyboard and mouse, most probably a Wi-Fi adapter, and a charger; Nokia or Samsung ones will do fine!


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