1st Week of the Summer Holidays – Recap

28 Jul

So, 1 whole week of the holidays has gone, kinda depressing huh? Haven’t done much this week to be honest in terms of productivity, PS3, films and music have been my main activities (plus sleeping, I’ve needed a catchup).

Films watched this week:

-Despicable Me 2 (Great film actually)

-G.I. Joe Retaliation (Classic action film, loved it)

-The Hangover (I was at a low and I needed something funny, even though I’ve seen it 100’s of times)

-Perks of Being a Wallflower (Really enjoyed this film, even though it’s a little bit sad)

-Trading Places (It was on late-night lastnight so I thought ‘why not?’, amazing film!)


Besides watching films I went to my local biking/forest thingy (Sherwood Pines) and spent a day there biking on the trails, one of my favourite pastimes (besides blogging ;D). Yes I have cuts, yes I have bruises, but just being in woods doesn’t get more peaceful,  a real stress reliever. A video detailing my exploits of that day is available here: http://instagram.com/p/cOzXAByGM4/.

Well yeah, not much in else in the world of Matt has been happening, really need some motivation, hopefully next week will be a bit better, otherwise I’m not gonna have alot to right about, bye for now!



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