Building a Boombox – Attempt 1

6 Oct

So yeah, I’m kinda into my music. I have my nice lil turntable, my guitar, endless portable music devices, and my desktop. But none of them have nice speakers, and this I wanted to combat. So I found an old Hi-Fi in the loft with some large speakers, and had a brainwave – build a wooden boombox using the speakers and the amp from the Hi-Fi. All I can say is, easier said than done.

So I spent my Friday night destroying the case for the Hi-Fi. And by about 10pm I had an Amplifier motherboard, a power supply, and a mixer board (complete with volume and EQ). Sorted..right? The next day I attempted to rip the speakers out of their casing, again easier said than done (it actually involved a large hammer and a chisel). But in the end I managed to salvage 4 mid-ranges and 2 sub-woofers:

20131006-010326 pm.jpg

Coming together nicely eh! So I plug my speaker wire into my amp, plug my RCA to 3.5 mini-jack into my iPod, and then…power supply. Sparks was an understatement. I watched as hours of worked sparked and popped before my eyes and within about 5 seconds my amp was in ruins. Not sure what I did to be honest, guess I shouldn’t become an electrician. Regardless I binned the fried amp and wired some RCA jacks to some speaker wire and tested the speakers with my turntable, they still worked, albeit a little quiet due to the lack of a beefier amp. Guess the boombox is gonna be put on hold for a while, but I’m not done yet!


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