The Nike Flyknit Air Max

10 Oct

So, Flyknit, Nike’s revolutionary new material that’s basically one-piece and insanely light was released last year. And since then we’ve seen it used on the Racer, the Trainer, the Lunar-Soled 1, HTM, and Chukka, plus recently it was used on the Nike Free 5.0 sole and also in a HTM version of the same shoe. Basically, it’s Nikes new thing. I have a pair of chukkas, in Royal Blue/Obsidian, and I can say they’re probably the lightest and most comfiest shoes I have ever worn. Intended for casual use, but to be honest they’re pretty damn comfy when running aswell! However, and this is a BIG however, yesterday Nike formally publicised the release of a shoe that many had seen a photo of previously, possibly a fake? A custom? But now it’s finally been named, simply the ‘Flyknit Air Max’, combining a Full-length Air Max sole (From a 2013?) with the seamless flyknit upper, take a look: (Image via Nike)


Now from first impressions it looks like a slightly horrific ACG sample with a rasta colourway, and I guess we’ll only know for sure how they look when they ship to stores, but look at that toe! This shoe possibly surpasses the newer-era Air Max 1’s level of banana-ness, it looks like a boot! (Or one of those fake air max hybrids you always see on dodgy asian websites). It’s kind of a stupid idea also to use an Air Max sole (which is notoriously heavy) with the featherweight Flyknit upper for anything other than casual use! This is intended for performance, seems a pretty ridiculous idea. An Air Max 1/Flyknit hybrid (not official but destined for 2014) seems much more fitting:

In the same press release however Nike did announce the Air Max 2014, which actually looks alot nicer to me, you can read the article here. So yeah, rant over, we’ll see how these shoes feel once they’re released, bye for now!


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