Matt’s Adventures in Brighton…..again

29 Oct

Hello readers! Once again, here is my fantastic tale of one of the most brilliant cities in the world…Brighton! Such a cool place, full of every kind of shop you could imagine, café’s galore and well..yeah its awesome! Read on…

Well, after my amazing impression of Brighton from last year, I decided to plan ahead a few weeks before my trip. Saving up my wages (trusty old paper round) I stashed a bit of cash since I knew in advance Brighton has a vast range of shops, where I could get alot of rare and vintage stuff! I was after some shoes, some records (more about that later) and just general random impulse buys! Staying outside of Brighton, we travelled into the city a couple of times during the stay. The walk to the city area is again fantastic, with the free of charge ping-pong tables and the beach looking wonderful. Plunged into the city I knew what to expect, the endless jewellery shops selling rare pieces and second-hand Rolexs. And then…I came upon a shop known as ‘Charlie’s Sweets Emporium’, and when I saw these in the window:



I KNEW I had to take a look inside, and god I’m glad I did! It was so hard not spend my entire budget in the shop, as I’m a massive lover of american food and sweets. In the end I opted for some ‘Everlasting Gobstopper’s and a sachet of Kool-aid, seriously hard decision!






Further on, strolling down the shops I went past numerous shoe shops, but non of their sale-rack collections excited me. We had a quick look in Size?, but they didn’t seem to have anything decent, at that moment in time. Further strolling through the bustling streets lead us to an amazing Italian cafe on ‘The Lanes’. From there we enjoyed a great buffet meal of Pizza, Pasta, Salad, and Hot Wings, tasty! Excellent service there, I’ve gotta say. I stopped at a vintage record shop afterwards and purchased a long sought-after album of mine (Still looking for MBDTF however). The one and only; ‘Illmatic’ by Nas. The owner of the shop was friendly and seemed a good guy (plus his hair and Hawaiian shirt were ace!). After this, we delved deeper into the lanes and from there browsed a number of the hipster/emo/hippie shops that there were to browse, awesome place!

Okay, so afterwards on our walk back into the city centre we stopped at Size? again. This time I noticed a pair of blue-floral/camouflage Nike SB Stefan Janoski’s within a glass box in the centre of the shop. Although intimidating, looking like they were being guarded, I asked one of the clerks (who btw was an excellent guy and had loads to talk about) if there were any pairs left. He said he was unsure, but went to go check in the back. Now, I know that any QS release of a floral Janoski has a very high eBay resale price, but the fact is I liked the shoes! I think this until her returns with a box!!! And, it had to be… size. Last pair, my size, can’t beat that. Yes I could probably sell them on eBay for £100, but they’re too good not to wear!



With my highlight of the day, week, hell even year over, I was a happy chappy. And that was my shopping adventures in Brighton! Below are a few shots from the trip, hope you enjoyed reading!



My Pup :)

My Pup 🙂







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