Analog Fun

3 Nov

Well guys, last night I uploaded my latest creation (in musical terms) to my SoundCloud. I name it….Analog Fun!

It’ll also be available to download from my website for free soon and will landing on various music platforms (iTunes, Spotfiy ect) within the next few weeks.

Artwork below if anyone’s interested:


Basis behind the song

After G KLAMP, I took a break and decided to listen to some music for a while instead of making it. During this time I discovered a relatively underground genre of music known as ‘trap’. Now, I found this this REALLY cool, them insanely fast snares and eerie orchestrals were a winner for me, so I decided to have a try. I already had one try at making a trap song, but it didn’t turn out in the end, so I just posted the unfinished project on my Soundcloud. But this time round I followed through, and added some other musical aspects such as synth to the mix, hope you enjoy!



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