Sans Computer, well at least one of them.

17 Nov

So yeah, the title is pretty explanatory. Last week, a combination of a massive Ableton install and a few updates caused my computer (specifically my desktop, as opposed to the other laptops I have or the iPad I’m typing this on at the moment.) to give up life. Blue screens of death, black screens of death, and everything in between. Now I had this problem before, and the solution was simply to run the System Recovery program that I can load before boot, and all my worries would be gone. This wasn’t the case this time.

Well, baseline is my computer turned itself off while running the recovery program, causing what I can only imagine as a head crash, destroying my hard drive like a bad needle drop on your favourite vinyl. Fortunately I didn’t keep anything important on the internal drive, and that’s a good thing since I have (unsuccessfully) tried to format it many times now, as to no result. My only guess is that the hard drive is the only problem with my computer, so I bought a 64GB SSD (solid-state drive for you nθθbs out there) from Amazon, which has yet to arrive, but I’m praying that a combination of this crazy-ass quick drive and a fresh Windows 7 installation should do the trick. More to come on that.

But in the meanwhile, I’ve kinda realised how much my computer takes up my time, as I’ve done loads of other stuff since I haven’t had a one to waste my time on, it’d worrying. Listening to my entire iPod library has been enjoyable (Double Cheeseburger by Odd Future at the moment), as has been playing my guitar which ironically I feel like I never have time to do. This newfound spare time (I wouldn’t call it having a ‘life’ just yet) is quite nice, shame it’ll be gone once my computer is fixed :/ .


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