Resurrection of the Desktop

21 Nov

So, leading on from my last post, the PC is finally fixed! My handy SSD drive off Amazon was a pain to get into the computer, involving removal of the fan and heat sink for the CPU. I was surprised by how tiny the SSD was compared to a HDD, it required an adapter to fit snugly within the enclosure.

20131121-020720 pm.jpg


Anyways, all was good, sealed the case up and gave the PC a whirl……and it wouldn’t start. The fan just get whirring and the computer wouldn’t even boot to the BIOS screen. Now, I’m posting this incase if anyone else ever has this problem, here’s what I did to fix it:

  • First try taking your RAM out, giving it a clean, and putting it back in. Even if your RAM did work before re-installing it often fixes problems.
  • Another thing you can try is booting without the hard drive in, seeing if it’ll make it to BIOS, then re-installing the hard drive.
  • The final step which fixed it for me was to remove the internal battery (CMOS) from the computer. Now on a desktop it’s a small watch-battery attached to the motherboard, I imagine it’s the same on a laptop. Be careful not to get static on the board and take the battery out, if you can’t with your fingers use a tool that’s made from plastic or wood,  a metal screwdriver can cause damage. Leave it out for 10 minutes, then put the battery back in carefully. Give the PC a run, hopefully it’ll be working!

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