My last post…..on here anyways

17 Apr

Well yeah, the title is pretty self-explanatory to say the least, but I have come to terms with that I am unable to maintain various social networks that I used to be a big part of. This blog, started when I was 11, I feel never was properly utilised for what I could have done with it, and now being 16 and focusing on school and other stuff I never find the time to blog anymore. Same really applies to my DeviantART, website ( and other various things like that. And in an attempt to streamline my time and try and collect all my social networks to just a few, I am saying fairwell to my blog. 5 years is a long time to have a blog I’d say, and it’s been really good (when I’ve actually been posting). I’m hoping that keep it online for at least a few years as an archive kinda thing, as with my DeviantART page and my website definitely has a few years remaining. Of course, I’m not deciding to live under a rock for the rest of my life, and I will still be using Twitter, Instagram and I’m hoping to use my Tumblr more often from now on.

Well, goodbye WordPress, and my blog, and umm… yeah.


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