Hey, my name’s Matt. I’m an average teenager from the UK trying to rule the internet one blog post at a time. I originally created this blog since I wanted a website but didn’t have a clue one what anything like hosting/domains were and it was so damn easy! The name kinda is basically an example of what my websites are about, I like absolutely random and cool stuff. A Lot of people I know say I am easily amused, and to be honest that’s an understatement. Anyways, that’s enough about me, but if you want to learn more you can check out my short life story here.

So, as I was saying, this blog is full of just amazing stuff! I do tend to  rant a lot about things happening in the world but I also like to blog about:

  • Games, I absolutely love gaming, I have Steam on PC plus PSN if anybody is interested in playing me, my account name for both is Turtleslayer98. But also besides playing games I also like reviewing games and even making games. I use the fantastic Game Maker software which is really fun and simple to use.
  • I have a strange fixation with shoes, and although you might think of me as a bit nerdy I actually enjoy shopping for clothes, reading other fashion blogs and I would say the best way to get into the fashion world is by getting on sites like Tumblr. My Tumblr; mattisveryamazing.tumblr.com is basically where I post and reblog tons of cool clothes and shoes. That’s my fashion/style blog, but I can’t use it as well as WordPress so I have two separate blogs, this one allows me to do more. But then again you might occasionally find posts about fashion or shoes on this blog because I try and spread them out a bit!
  • I’m also quite into photography and photo-editing. I probably won’t post my creations on this blog as the files are huge but you can head over to my portfolio at mattisamazingps.deviantart.com for all my creations and stuff like that.

And to be honest, that’s it really. Besides a school life which is already demanding with exams etc I just blog, update my website and do random other things on my computer. I sometimes do a bit of designing on SketchUp which is pretty fun as well. Out of my virtual life I do taekwondo regularly and hope to keep going until my legs can’t! And well, I just what everybody else does, live life!


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